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Ask HN: Who is seeking a cofounder?

My startup is here – 100-wifi.com

You see a wifi say 100-flyingYoga and would like to know more about this Flying yoga. So you join the wifi and are taken to the Flying Yoga company web pages where you get the info. Then you see 100-MikesBurgers. You join it and read up on makes these Burgers the talk of the town.

The product is developed and tested. We need help with product fit and marketing. Looking for people with experience in B2B and working with retail stores.

leisenming AT protonmail DOT com

Think: SwiftUI meets React, runs anywhere and provides a beautiful app kit for building desktop apps (designed to go mobile soon).

Then: add an App Store built in, all together as a sort of operating system layer that lets you build many types of apps incredibly easily.

Finally: apps in a shared workspace all can communicate with each other using typed APIs. Read gmail messages, write to a Postgres database. All config shared between your team.

Trying to do for intranet systems what Slack did to chat. Make it wonderfully easy and powerful.

Cool part is it’s far along (multiple years in), I’ve already raised money on good terms from Founders Fund and it’s just me. I’d love to find one truly great developer to join and help out and shower with equity.

I’m a former TV news producer, looking to build a hybrid consulting/SaaS solution for the news industry. There are lots of small-midsize newsrooms who could be operating far more efficiently, but just do not have the tools.

I feel confident in the tech and the product sides of things, but looking for someone who can help with sales/pricing/operations stuff.

In NYC for now, considering LA too.

jared AT nillium DOT com

Still in concept validation phase. I have observed a few problems that require solving.

– consolidated sales and marketing solution that solves the problem of silos caused by multiple tools used in different phases of marketing (leave alone sales). Think of analytics, retargeting, lead gen, email marketing. All different tools with siloed reporting.
– Same problem but with a focus on Real estate
– SaaS based property management for folks that have 3-4 properties (causual landlords)

Looking too collaborate. I have experience on the business side and a little bit of coding in python (and even lesser) Javascript. Email me at aseem <at> aseem <dot> us if you want to discuss. Based on San Jose, CA

NameinProgress | Bay Area|

Instant group chat for nearby loosely affiliated people (who don’t necessarily know each other).

Unlocks value and solves problems of current options. Maintains some privacy, keeps out randos (no, isn’t one of those been done million times, who is around you app just based on GPS).

The magic happens in the backend, looking for someone who will focus on development of all server-side logic, definition and maintenance of the central database. You can make mobile apps that can handle lots of concurrent chats/chatrooms, thousands of users.

An MVP could be made in 8 weeks.

Quick blog with more details (much still omitted, lets talk), why it’s worth your talent and time, me, and more:

Denis de Bernardy | Hungary | http://mesoconcepts.com

Job-tech. I’m finding very strong market signals, and I’ve identified what in my experience (helped dozens of businesses improve their business prospects) is a sane path to profitability with minimal investment. I’m currently moving forward alone, but quite frankly I’d love to have a partner or two to do the technical parts so I can focus on fund raising (if needed), marketing, and sales instead.

Required if you reach out: Python, Scrapy, and experience with ML.

Side note: This thread should be part of the monthly HN whoishiring IMO.

Able | Remote (US/Europe) | https://able.bio/

Building a LinkedIn alternative for programmers. Users can earn skills on their profiles through code challenges, write blog posts and find jobs. Looking for a technical co-founder with strong Python/Django experience. Have built most of the MVP already but need someone to share the load and help engage with the developer community.

FundRider. I need a business cofounder.

A fundraising tool for great causes. Find someone from your community(church, school, other) 1) Rideshare your commute 2) Rider gas money goes to a charity (easily can get to $1000-$2000 a year) 3. Save the planet.


Box Factura | Mexico | https://www.boxfactura.com

Local accounting-ish startup is looking into expansion, altough going global would be very hard (accounting is very different in Mexico), the whole country is a very big market. We are profitable and the business is growing.

Looking for a sales/PR cofounder.

Marcell Ortutay | Mt View, CA

Techincal/strong coder. Looking for someone to collaborate with on startup ideas / projects. I have a few ideas of my own but open to other ideas as well. email: marcell.ortutay@gmail.com

I’m a product designer in SF with MVP designs for a music discovery web app. I would also be interested in any other music-related projects. Email me: hey@2×4.co.

Rodeo | Bay Area, UA

– Looking for very technical and developer-centric business analyst to do partnership and provide high level roadmap to Big corp

– An advocate for all-around-developers-ecosystem.

Contact: neduma (at) gmail (dot) com

I am, but I’m also being VERY careful. I have been deluged with scammers. I’m probably not a good person on which to run a game. There’s easier (and more lucrative) targets. That said, my specialty is Making. Stuff. Happen. It’s all about making the product REAL. Again, not a good person if you just want to generate churn to get VC funding.

Hofstadter | Denver, USA | https://hofstadter.io

Low-code for developers https://docs.hofstadter.io currently,
expanding to low-code for all in the enterprise.

Seeking a non-technical cofounder to assist in major ways. Experience in early stage startups, with developer focused and/or enterprise b2b products desired.

Our MVP is up, working on the MSP (sellable) and the customer pipelines and leads.

tony _at_ hofstadter.io

Charlie Van Norman | Chicago, USA | http://www.vannorman.ai

Full stack developer, designer, and entrepreneur seeking collaborators. Start small to build relationship, escalate into passive income strategy or full blown startup. Spaces of interest include ML/AI, biotech, video games, education, and real estate.

We’re a tech-enabled services startup providing primarily accounting and other back-office services to the property management industry. We currently process thousands of invoices (90% computer generated) a day that we’d love to have ML optimize if there’s interest (example of a limited-ish scope project). www.apmhelp.com

John Simerlink | Columbus, OH.

Doing real estate + full-stack consulting and once I get some more passive income, am going to transition fully to making ed tech products


Would love to chat with you. I visit Chicago every once in a while

DockPad | SF | www.dockpad.io

Working on scheduling and tracking for construction workers. We are a team of 4 currently, 2 engineers, a product designer, and founder. We have a few pilot customers that have used our app.

What we are looking for is a senior engineer who can both scope out and takes control of a project end to end.

Or, a sales/operations person that can help sell, market, and grow the business.

If you are interested feel free to email me at deon@dockpad.io


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