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Live updates: Trump impeachment inquiry – CNNPolitics


As of this afternoon, Gordon Sondland is still expecting to show up Thursday and speak to impeachment investigators, according to a person familiar with the EU ambassador’s preparations.

Sondland’s legal team has publicly pointed to the State Department regarding any document requests — saying State would be the entity to turn any discussions of official business over to the Hill. 

Sondland hasn’t heard from the White House or State Department with requests to block all or parts of his testimony Thursday, the person said. Last week, the State Department stopped Sondland from speaking to Hill investigators, prompting them to subpoena him.

Sondland, the source said, is pushing back on the idea that the White House’s national security advisers expressed alarm about a possible quid pro quo with Ukraine — saying that Fiona Hill and John Bolton never made it known to Sondland that they were concerned. 

Emails between Sondland and Fiona Hill, Trump’s former Russia specialist, were “cordial” and “collegial,” with the ambassador keeping her updated on his activities in Ukraine, the person said.


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